The Importance of the New Port in Corozal

The global relevance of companies seeking the award of a third port for container ships in the Pacific is a clear sign of the importance of Panama as maritime and logistics hub.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The companies pre-qualified to participate in the tender for the concession of a new port in Corozal are subsidiaries of the largest shipping companies such as Maersk-Denmark, MSC-Italy and CMA-CGM-France or are direct port operators, in this case the most important in the world, PSA from Singapore.

As noted in an article on, this shows the strength of the geographical position of Panama for transshipment cargo.

"... The five ports in Panama attended to an average of 16.1 containerships a day in 2015, according to official statistics. The current expansion of two docks belonging to PSA Panama, in Rodman, plus the three docks that will be built in the first phase of the port of Corozal, will attend to an average of five additional ships per day, generating new business for the entire maritime cluster. "

"... These five docks will allow for the attraction of an estimated 2.5 million TEUs or 20 foot long container units, which at the moment do not touch Panamanian ports, because they go direct to markets in the Pacific and Caribbean without stopping in Panama. A significant part of this cargo will generate new business for rail, trucks and new feeder ships in the Atlantic ports. There is no doubt that these two important developments will produce new jobs, businesses, currencies and wealth for the country. "

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Since mid-July, the main companies transporting maritime cargo from the Port of Santa Tomas in Guatemala stopped operating the direct route to Europe, which will raise between 20% and 25% the costs of imports and exports.

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“CMA/CGM, the third-largest container shipping company, made an agreement with China Shipping, one of the largest Chinese transport companies, to operate at this port, located In the Gulf of Fonseca”, reported newspaper El Mundo.