The Cost of Customs Processes

Advances made in the past two years in the Central American customs offices are still not sufficient, and related costs amount to 38% of logistics costs.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The best advances have been made in customs processes relating to merchandise transported between Central American countries.

Investigating the topic reports that "The biggest problem is imports from countries like the U.S. and Europe, that is, those who come outside of Central America, where the customs review and process take up to 24 hours, it is the most time-consuming, since products from Central America take between one and two hours, depending on the operating system ", said the VP of the Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua, Caconic, Eliécer Trillos Pantoja.

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Logistics as A Central American Fetish

June 2015

Money in the pocket for every grandstanding politician and every wannabe business consultant, logistics in Central America is a much talked about theme on which no action is actually taken.


Logistics is vital for sustainable economic development, and it is perhaps the area of ​​business management that has made the greatest strides in the last 50 years.

The Bali Agreement and Central American Customs Offices

May 2014

Central American countries need to implement a series of improvements in customs procedures in order to meet the requirements of the agreement for the facilitation of international trade.

Within two years, as part of the commitments made in the 2001 Doha Round of the Bali Agreement, signed in 2013 by 160 nations belonging to the World Trade Organization (WTO), including Central America, governments will have to harmonize their customs systems ensuring trade facilitation. However, to date institutional progress on issues established by the Agreement such as simplification, harmonization and automation of procedures for international trade have not happened, particularly in relation to the requirements and formalities for import, export and transit of border freight.

Customs Costs in International Trade

November 2013

The World Trade Organization aims to reduce by half the costs added to products as they pass through customs offices.

An article in reports that "... all WTO members recognize that progress can be made in cutting costs associated with inefficiencies in order to make trade more efficient."

Customs in the Region: Keys to Development

April 2013

Differences in customs processes between Central American countries to date are preventing them from trading as a block, in this case, with the EU.

According to the manager of the Integration and Trade Sector at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Antoni Estevadeordal, trade agreements themselves are not a guarantee of success."It is not enough to have a policy of openness.