The Best Candidates are Not Those Looking for Work

To fill a position it is customary to choose candidates from those in the labor market, but many of these may be mediocre malcontents.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In reality, the way to get the best people is to look among those who are enjoying their current job, and who are not actively looking to change firms or position, but would accept an attractive offer. They are called "passive job seekers."

Guillermo Edelberg's article on discusses the advantages of looking to hire those who are already working, and initially have no thought of offering their services to another employer. An expert he spoke to notes: "Passive candidates work for the competition. They are loyal and experienced employees and may be happy in their position. Since they are not necessarily looking to change companies, they will need a good reason to leave their position. In order to attract them it is necessary to move fast. They will not be willing to engage in a long process of interviewing and hiring, however they may take up a lot of your 'precious' time making their decision. "

However the first obstacle in this search for the best that are already employed is precisely where to look. Among other suggestions, experts recommend professional associations and digital meeting places, such as Linkedin.

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