The ABCs of Coaching

Professional coaching: an interactive process that helps individuals and their organizations improve their performance and be successful.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To prevent frequent confusion, it is worth recapping what Coaching is not about, particularly to distinguish it from the work of consultants or therapists.

An article from Altonivel suggests that Coaching is not what is happening when:

- the Coach decides what has to be done
- the Coach is the one correcting mistakes and solving problems
- the Coaching session focuses on minor issues
- Coaches use their own experience to illustrate examples

¿Busca soluciones de inteligencia comercial para su empresa?

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Good Governance in Family Businesses

July 2012

A guide for choosing board members for small or family businesses so as to ensure good governance.

An article by Luz Maria Salamis in summarizes the teachings of Julie Garland McLellan, a consulting expert, for choosing better directors and so ensure the health and progress of the company:

ActionCoach Will Organize Seminar for SMEs in Costa Rica

June 2010

It will take place on June 29 at Hotel Corobicí in San José, and it’s called “Six steps to make your business grow”.

The conference will be lectured by José Fred Masís, business coaching specialist, and will be free of cost. listed the event’s topics: “How to get better results? How to make my business grow? What to do and what to avoid?”.

Remarkable Innovation Workshop

September 2009

Coaching in action. Exceptional example of the teacher/pupil relationship, with the greatest expositor of all time.

If creativity is down in your company. If the search for new ideas has been abandoned. If you hear too much the phrase "impossible" versus the phrase "yes we can".

Transactional Coaching

July 2009

Intended to complement traditional coaching, transactional coaching applies Transactional Analysis techniques for leadership development.

Transactional Analysis is a practical theory regarding personality, communication and groups. Through an extensive conceptual framework, Transactional Analysis offers a structure that servers as a guide to conducting effective interventions at the individual, group or organizational level.