The 500 Best Franchises

In the 2012 rankings of the best franchises in the United States by Entrepreneur magazine, you can find the business opportunity you are looking for.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Remember that the Franchise 500® is not intended to support, promote or recommend any particular franchise. It is only a research tool that can be used to compare the different franchises listed.

Entrepreneur magazine stresses that you should always carry out an independent investigation before investing in a franchise. Read the documents and materials relating to the franchise carefully, and see a lawyer and an accountant when reviewing the legal or financial documents. Talk to as many franchisees and former franchisees as you can, and visit the stores.

Franchise companies are listed according to production or commercial sector to which they belong. As an additional research tool, franchise companies that are not classified in the Franchise 500® are also listed. These companies are listed in alphabetical order in the "Not ranked" section.

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More Franchises to Come to Guatemala

March 2012

The Guatemalan Association of Franchises expects the arrival of six new franchises in the country, representing investments of $10 million.

This year six new franchises could come to Guatemala, where there are nearly 300 such companies, said Aída de Mancilla, president of the Guatemalan Association of Franchises (AGF).

Costa Rica: Franchising, a Booming Business

May 2011

The growth and positioning of franchises in Costa Rica is encouraging more entrepreneurs to opt for this alternative.

The franchise model under which a company sells another company the use of its trademark and business concept, and which must be operated according to certain characteristics identified by the trademark owner, has gained strength in the country in recent years.

Secrets of a Franchise Model

September 2010

Creating a successful franchise is the dream of many businesses but it is not an easy process.

Essential parts to the conceptualization and implementation of a franchise development plan:

Clearly defined business concept
- What exactly is being sold to future investors

A strong and attractive image

The Four Pillars of a Franchise

August 2009

Franchising is always an option for expanding a successful business model.

In theory, any business can become a franchise. However, not all activities are ideal to be developed under this model, so a good diagnostic is the first step, to check the viability of the model in each particular business activity.