The 10 Most Sought After Jobs in El Salvador

Salvadoran firms require skilled labor, engineers and bilingual accounting professionals.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Marco Penado, general manager of Manpower El Salvador, said that human resources in need by businesses do not match with what the universities are producing.

Within the 10 most requested jobs there are:
- Skilled labor (carpenters, welders, electricians)
- Sales Agents
- Technicians (especially in technology)
- Engineers (all areas)
- Bilingual administrative-accounting staff
- Managers
- Motorists
- Mechanics
- Logistics personnel

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Sales, operations and production are the areas in which Guatemalan entrepreneurs face the most difficulties in recruiting staff with the necessary skills.

Leadership, the ability to make decisions and to identify and solve problems are the skills most required by companies in Guatemala, and the most difficult ones to find when hiring staff.

El Salvador is Losing its Human Resources

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The emigration of six out of seven Salvadorans who have studied for 12 years or more is removing a vital resource for economic performance, preventing improvements to labor productivity in the country.

Up until 2000, 85% of high school and college graduates with twelve or more years of education had migrated, reveals the study 'Measuring the international mobility of skilled workers'.

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In Costa Rica there are currently more than 400 people employed in this sector, with a reported unmet demand for another 3000.

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A lack of specialist professionals and technicians combined with poor levels of English is making the country less competetive.

Data analyzed from the latest Job Fair organized by El Salvador's Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Ministry for Employment, indicate that attendees qualifications, technical understanding and level of English were often below that sought by hiring companies.