Textile Company Ends Operations in Costa Rica

The German company, Amoena, reported that it will close its operations in the country, arguing that its main textile suppliers moved their operations to Asia and need to get closer to that market.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The company is a producer of bras, bathing suits and other products for women who have suffered from breast cancer and underwent mastectomies.

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In a statement issued by the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (Cinde), the company explained that "... the decline is because of substantial changes in market patterns and business turnaround in recent years," in addition to ensuring that "... all procedures established by law will be respected and applied to their employees at the time of the end of an employment relationship."

Nacion.com reviews that "... The company reported that, during the past few months, began relocation work of employees in other companies."

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The closure of this company is announced in the midst of an adverse outlook for the country's economy. In the first four months of the year, companies outside the free trade zone reported a 5% year-on-year drop in their sales abroad.

The cessation of operations joins the closure of Amway's Financial Shared Service Center in Costa Rica, because days ago it was reported that as part of a corporate strategy focused on fewer centers, but larger, decided to close the service center.

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Amway Announces Closure of Service Center

May 2019

The company reported that by 2020 will close its Financial Shared Service Center in Costa Rica, as part of a corporate strategy focused on fewer centers, but larger.

"While we will close this center, Amway remains committed to the Costa Rican market and will continue to provide support to our businessmen and customers, our commercial operations in Costa Rica will continue normally," states a company statement.

Manufacturing Plant in Costa Rica Closes

January 2017

The U.S firm Communications System has announced the closure of its plant manufacturing Suttle telecommunications equipment in Alajuela, so as to move the operation to Minnesota.

The company has operated the plant manufacturing traditional telephony and telecommunications since 1989. The decision to close the operation, for which it employed 113 people, is due to a reduction in the revenues from the line produced in the country.

Costa Rica Still Attracting Service Centers

March 2015

There has been an increase and there are now 122 international companies which have invested in the operation of 140 shared services in different categories.

Currently the export of computer services, management and other business functions make up 5.8% of Costa Rica's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Textile company to close factory in Costa Rica in December

November 2008

The Rincon Grande textile company announced yesterday that it will close its operations plant in the district of Grecia before the end of the year.

Rodolfo Molina, owner of the company and president of the Textile Chamber of Costa Rica (Cateco), said that the decision was taken due to the delays in approving and starting the FTA with the US, the Isthmus and the Dominican Republic.