Tetra Pak Invests in a Recycling Plant in Guatemala

The plant located at Río Hondo, Zacapa, will have the capacity to process 6,3 million of Tetra Pak containers.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

With a $500.000 investment, the plant will start working on this next October.

Ana Teresa Ferrer, Tetra Pak Communications Officer, pointed to Prensa Libre Newspaper that "the recycled product will be use to produce toilet paper, napkins and kitchen towels."

The officer also declared that the plant will be used as a Recycling Collection Center for products coming from El Salvador and Honduras.

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$12 million Recycling Plant in Guatemala

April 2013

Reciclados de Centroamérica, a company which is part of Grupo Cervecería Centro Americana, opened its recycling plant yesterday in the town of Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Santa Rosa.

The objective of this project is to turn disposable plastic bottles into raw material for the production of more PET bottles and containers made of this material. The plant is expected to produce 25 tons a day of resin which is useful for the local market.

Plastic Trash Turned into New Containers

January 2012

The company Total Pet Packaging will invest $12.5 million in a recycling plant in Costa Rica to make packaging from waste plastics, using PET technology.

The company Total Pet Packaging will invest approximately $12.5 million in a new PET resin (RPET) recycling plant, which will be located in Heredia. PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate.

“Green” Packaging Gets Popular

October 2011

According to a study by Tetra Pak, comparing 2005 to the present day, 30% more consumers are making their purchasing choices based on the impact that the packaging may have on the environment.

The study shows a global preference for green packaging.

Consumers around the world are increasingly taking measures to protect the environment through recycling programs and environmentally responsible consumer awareness, reveals the latest Environmental Research Study 2011, developed by Tetra Pak.

Russia to Invest in Garbage Recycling Plant in Nicaragua

May 2009

The garbage recycling plant would be installed in the Chureca municipal landfill.

The project is under study and it could be implemented within a period of three months.

Journalist Anne Perez wrote for Laprensa.com.ni: "The idea shared with us (by the Russian government) is to install a plant that recycles waste and it is something apart from the project that the Spanish Cooperation (in the neighborhood Acahualinca ) has, said mayor Alexis Argüello, who was appointed by the Supreme Electoral Council in Managua to produce a report on the trip he made to Russia late last month."