Tenders for Road Works Submitted in Panama

Seven companies submitted bids for road realignment works in Panama City.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Participating companies are: Asociación Accidental Constructora Pirenarcia, S.A.-Transcaribe (Spain - Panama); Consorcio Ingenieros Civiles Asociados, S.A. from CV-Constructora MECO, S.A. (Mexico-Costa Rica), Constructora Norberto Odebrecht (Brasil), SACYR, S.A., Fomento de Construcción and Contratas, S.A.; CBPO Engenharía LTDA (Brasil) and CONALVÍAS, S.A. (Colombia).

"The works include street widening, overpasses and tunnels to facilitate traffic at intersections, interconnections between high traffic roads and the improvement and adjustment of routes," reports Reuters.

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Panama: $40 million for Traffic Management

June 2013

The contract was awarded to the Spanish construction company FCC, as an extension of the work carried out on the Brazil highway.

The Ministry of Public Works in Panama awarded a $40 million subcontract to the company of Spanish origin, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas S.A. (FCC), for the implementation of a "traffic management plan for the city's road realignment."

ICA to Widen Road in Panama City

April 2011

The project includes the design and construction needed to improve 12.3km of the "Avenida Domingo Díaz" road as part of the city's highway upgrades program.

A consortium headed by ICA's civil construction division has signed a fixed price construct worth approximately $238 million with Panama's ministry of public works to rebuild and widen the main highway running through the center of Panama City, called Avenida Domingo Díaz.

Panama Awards Road Construction Projects

March 2011

Authorities awarded five maintenance contracts, which correspond to the second phase of the “road reorganization” program (“Reordenamiento Vial”).

Odebrecht, FCC and ICA-Meco obtained the highest scores and landed the contracts.

The largest contract, worth $776.9 million, was awarded to Brazilian corporation Odebrecht.

Odebrecht Awarded Projects for $ 945.5 Million in Panama

March 2011

Odebrecht Awarded Projects for $ 945.5 Million in Panama

The contract includes "... design, construction and financing of the interconnection of Balboa Avenue to Avenida de los Poetas, the third phase of the coastal strip along the Avenida de los Poetas, a new seafood market, the underground relocation of the Avenida Balboa high voltage lines, walkways and installation of traffic lights at Avenida Balboa, besides maintenance of all roads,” Prensa.com reported. The proposal was for $ 776.9 million.