Tender for University Campus Construction

The Universidad Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica bids the construction of the University Center to be located in Atenas, province of Alajuela.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2021LN-000006-0017699999:

"The project will be carried out on UNED property, located in Atenas, Alajuela. It consists of the construction of two one-story buildings including, medium voltage electrical connection, external areas, parking lots, sidewalks, gardens, etc. The building includes fixed furniture and part of the equipment. The total area to be built is 1,430 m2. It will house the UNED University Center in Atenas. The footprint of the site is 4,250 m2.

The electrical, voice and data connections are new connections, therefore, the required provisions must be made for their proper execution. In addition, the project requires the execution of the medium voltage (three-phase) electrical works in accordance with the design provided by ICE. To this end, a company registered on ICE's list of suppliers must be subcontracted.

The Contractor shall contemplate the supply of materials, labor, equipment, responsibility for the work and administration necessary for the execution of all the works included in the scope of this contract. The scope of work of this tender consists of the construction of two 1-level buildings including a parking area and power house, accesses and some minor external works, in addition to its equipment."

Deadline for receipt of bids: July 8, 2021.

See tender.

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July 2019

In Honduras, the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University tenders the construction of the multifunctional Sports and Culture building at the Nacaome Regional University Center.

Honduras Government Purchase LPN-002-2019:

"The building will be made of exposed concrete, so the contractor will include in its costs the corresponding formwork and/or labor to achieve a smooth surface and finish (visible concrete).

Tender for University Infrastructure in Honduras

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The Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University tenders the construction of the Multifunctional Building of Workshops and Laboratories in the Regional University Center of San Pedro Sula.

Honduras Government Purchase LPN-001-2019:

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November 2018

The University of Panama tenders the studies, development of plans and construction of the new regional university campus of San Miguelito.

Panama Government Purchase 2018-1-90-0-08-LV-045271:

"Each proposer will be in charge of including in the Technical Proposal and contemplating in the Economic Proposal any work that must be carried out in order to achieve the fundamental objectives and the quality expected in the execution of the Project.

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April 2018

The Ministry of the Presidency in Panama is putting out to tender the remodeling and adaptation of the Regional University Center of Colón.

Panama Government Purchase 2018-0-03-0-03-LV-030894:  

"The project includes the required studies, development of construction plans (including technical specifications), approval of plans, obtaining permits, payments of any applicable tax, as well as construction of the work, according to what is defined in the request for proposals document, including but not limited to: all civil works, demolitions, roof structure replacement, replacement of windows and doors, general finishes, sanitary services, landscaping, pool area. As well as delivery of the "as-built" plans.