Tender for Uniforms in Honduras

The Mayor's Office of the Central District of Honduras tenders the supply of uniforms for the Municipal Police.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Honduras Government Purchase LPuNBS-05-AMDC-14-2020:

"Some of the characteristics of the uniforms:

- Anti-tear fabric (ripstop).
- Fabric weight: 255+/-15g/m2
- Ultra violet protection factor min 50
- Resistance to pilling, minimum
- Mixture of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.
- Color blue black (Pantone 194010)
- Dyed by immersion (vat dyed).
- High visibility yellow yoke (hi-vis) 100% polyester.
- Technology that reduces the humidity of the garment, liquid absorption by capillarity

Complete uniforms and caps are required and will be worn by the staff of the Municipal Police Directorate."

Deadline for receipt of tenders: April 17, 2020.

See tender (in Spanish).

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Tender for Clothing and Accessories

January 2020

The Secretariat of Security of Honduras tenders the supply of clothing and accessories for the National Police Academy.

Honduras Government Purchase LPN-SEDS-031-2019:

"Lines to be tendered:

1. Metallic Accessories for Parade
2. Uniform accessories for the parade of the body of ladies and gentlemen cadets

Tender for Uniforms for $3 million

June 2019

The Ministry of Public Security of Costa Rica tenders the supply of police uniforms for Operational Support Groups, in the form of delivery on demand.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2019LN-000001-0007100001:

"Uniform police color to choose by the institution, containing smooth front type shirt (T-shirt type) with vertical opening at the top center of 17 cm long depending on size, for zipper closure with nylon, pants with patch bags on the sides, police cap with or without vines, band of riata 100% polyester or nylon.

Tender for Uniforms in Costa Rica

February 2019

The Road Safety Council tenders the supply of uniforms for officers of the General Directorate of the Transit Police.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2019LN-000002-0058700001:

"Some of the lines tendered:

-9,960 men's shirts, long sleeves, 65% polyester fabric 35% cotton (+-3%), approximate weight of fabric 142.40 g/m2 (+-5%), size and color to choose, anti-tear type (RIPSTOP).

El Salvador Tenders Uniforms

May 2012

The Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador is inviting bids for the purchase of uniforms for all male and female staff of the judiciary.

The contract includes uniforms for male and female secretarial staff, health professionals, judges’ motorcycle couriers, managers and support staff; presidential escort officers, agents for judicial protection and transfer of children and prisoners, collaborators from the Institute of Legal Medicine, and IT support staff.