Tender for Technical Commercial Management Services

The Dominican Republic is seeking to contract EDENORTE's technical commercial management services in five sectors, to provide services in the concession areas.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Government of the Dominican Republic purchase EDENORTE-CCC-LPN-2022-0005:

"Professional services for commercial technical management in commercial technical management of EDENORTE in the concession areas are required in bidding.

Among the management services to be developed in several sectors: cut power for non-payment, normalize connection for network adequacy, reconnection, taking reading, solve when a customer is without power, place meters and execute connections, perform inspections, manage voltage change.

The management services will be developed in five sectors with 15 lots in EDENORTE offices:
* Santiago:
- Lots 1 to 3: With 25 management areas: Hato Mayor, Barrio Lindo, Santiago, Santiago, Licey, Tamboril, Yapur Dumit, Guayabal PPEE, Colorado, Hayo del Yaque, La Otra Banda, Gurabo, Los Reyes, Bellavista PPEE, La Canela, Rep. Peralta, Cienfuegos, Navarrete, C Gonzalez, Sajoma, Iglesia, Janico, Baitoa.

* Puerto Plata.
   - Lots 4 to 6: With 18 management zones: Imbert, El Mamey, Luperon, Guananico, Altamira, La Isabela, Puerto Plata Sur, San Marcos, Maimón, Puerto Plata, Montellanos, Padre Casas, Yasica Ppee, Cabarete, Sosua, Gaspar Hernández, Jamao Al Norte, La Union.

* La Vega.
   - Lots 7 to 9: With 22 management zones: Carmelitas, Bonao, La Vega, Jima La Vega, Maimon, La Vega II, Piedra Blanca, Juma, Licey Hoya Grande, Ranchito, Taveras, Moca, San Victor, Cayetano Gsen, Muan Lopez, La Lagunas, Cutupú, El Higuerito, Jarabacoa, Constanza, Tireo, Buena Vista.

* San Francisco.
   - Lots 10 to 12: With 25 management zones: Vista del Valle, Ventura Grullón, La Espinola, Salcedo, San Francisco, Tenares, Villa Tapia, San Francisco, Guaranas, Cenovi, La Pena, Cotui, Pimentel, Castillo, Fantino, La Mata, Cevicos, Nagua, Samana, Sanchez, Rio San Juan, Villa Rivas, Cabrera, El Factor, Arenoso.

* Valverde Mao.
   - Lots 13 to 15: With 16 management zones: Dajabón, L. Cabrera, Partido, V Almácigos, Mao I, Santiago Rodríguez, Esperanza, Laguna Salada, Moncion, Maizal, Montecristi, Villa Vasquez, Castanuela, Guayubin, Manzanillo.

The supplier must provide all tools, machinery and equipment to develop the execution of the service.

For more information, enter the bidding platform."

Estimated amount: $39,627,975.11.

Deadline for submission of tenders: September 01, 2022.

See tender.

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