Tender for Security Services

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala tenders surveillance and security services for the year 2019.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Guatemala Government Purchase 9037888:

"Due to the character of the functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is required to maintain the same group of agents providing the service of security and surveillance, notifying any change that the company deems necessary in writing and in advance to this Ministry, through the General Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to be approved.

Agents must demonstrate knowledge of the character of the Ministry's activities. It must possess and demonstrate excellent human relations with officials and visitors."

Deadline for receipt of tenders: November 22nd, 2018.

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Tender for Security and Surveillance Services

October 2020

The National Mortgage Credit of Guatemala tenders security services through agents for its central offices, local agencies, departmental agencies, assigned departments and other establishments, during 2021.

Guatemala Government Purchase 13420755:

"All assigned security staff must appear duly uniformed and equipped with level three or more bulletproof vest, 9 mm caliber pistol type weapon with three hoppers loaded with 158 cartridges each, as well as, baton, whistle, flashlight, belt, cape, and valid weapon carrying card issued by Digecam.

El Salvador: Tender for Security Services

November 2019

The National Administration of Aqueducts and Sewers tenders security and surveillance services for facilities and dependencies at the national level of the institution, for the year 2020.

El Salvador Government Purchase LP-05/2020:

"The contractor shall be responsible for properly and efficiently safeguarding the institution's patrimony, as well as for maintaining the order and security of the different facilities where this service is required.

Tender for Surveillance Services in Panama

September 2019

The State System of Radio and Television tenders for the 12-month term the surveillance and security service in the main building of the institution, the Transmission Sites at National Level and 6 thousand hours of surveillance and security upon request.

Panama Government Purchase 2019-1-31-0-99-LP-008037:

Single Offer for Tocumen Surveillance Tender

November 2013

Millennium Security Services offered $2.9 million in the abbreviated best value tender for the perimeter surveillance service at Panama International Airport.

The evaluation committee resolved that the company complied with the requirements of the specifications of the tender whose reference price $3 million.