Tender for Metallic Plates

The Superintendence of Tax Administration of Guatemala tenders the supply of 2.4 million metal circulation plates for land vehicles.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Guatemala Government Purchase 11294345:

"The plates for land vehicles must be made of AL99 aluminum and retroreflective sheet, both resistant to all weather conditions and corrosion. Regarding quality, the plates must comply with all the requirements of ISO 7591.

The 835 thousand pairs of metal circulation plates for land vehicles using two plates shall consist of two metal plates with the same alphanumeric code. The 810 thousand units of metal circulation plates for land vehicles using one plate shall consist of only one plate with alphanumeric codes."

Deadline for receipt of tenders: November 28, 2019.

See tender.

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Metallic Plates: Backward in Awarding

February 2020

Guatemala's Tax Administration Superintendent did not approve the decision of the bidding board in the process that ended with the award of the contract to supply 2.4 million metal plates for land vehicles.

In mid-January it was reported that Tönnjes Card International, S.A.

Contract Awarded to Supply Metal Plates

January 2020

Tönnjes Card International, S.A. was the winner of the tender to supply 2.4 million metal plates for land vehicles in Guatemala.

The bids submitted in this public tender were those of Tönnjes Card International, S.A. which totaled $9.86 million and GSI Guatemala, S.A. which was for $9.76 million.

Two Bids in Tender for Metallic Plates

December 2019

Tönnjes Card International, S.A. and GSI Guatemala, S.A., were the companies that presented their bids in Guatemala for the supply of 2.4 million metal circulation plates for land vehicles.

The proposal of Tönnjes Card International, S.A. amounts to $9.86 million and that of GSI Guatemala, S.A. to $9.76 million, requires the official information of the public tender, for which bids were received on December 16.

Vehicle License Plates: Tender Declared Null

July 2019

In Guatemala, the Superintendence of Tax Administration rejected the offers presented by Tönnjes Card International, S.A., and GSI Guatemala, S.A., valued at $10.3 million and $8.8 million, respectively.

The report drawn up by the Tendering Board states that "... because the non fundamental requirements established in the Tendering Rules in Chapter Two Special Provisions have not been corrected, it is determined to Reject the tenders presented by the bidders...".