Tender for Medical Equipment Rental

The Costa Rican Social Security Fund is tendering the lease of CPAP and BIPAP continuous pressure units, under the delivery on demand modality.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Costa Rican Government Purchase 2020LN-000003-2104:

"The equipment must be for home management of patients with sleep apnea. Pressure range: 4 cm to 20 cm H2O at least. Sound level below 30 DB, automatic mode that allows permanent oscillation of 4 to 20 cm H2O and with the possibility of placing in fixed pressure.

Easy display, simple menu with graphic and numerical icons. Data reading and interpretation software for clinical decision making."

Reference value: $1,121,352.

Deadline to submit bids: March 18, 2020.

See tender (in Spanish).

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April 2021

The Ministry of Health tenders the supply of anthropometric equipment, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, medical surgical equipment, furniture and audiovisual equipment for new health posts.

Guatemala Government Purchase 14412152:

" Tenderers may bid, indistinctly, for one or more articles (items) Single Lot

Medical Equipment: $5 Million Tender

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund tenders systems for rehabilitation of femur fractures and hip fractures.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2018LN-000034-5101:

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-2,376 fixation systems for fractures of the proximal femur with intramedullary nail and verviocephalic tranfictive fixation of different sizes in diameters and lengths.

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund is putting out to tender tomography equipment for the San Juan de Dios, Mexico and Calderón Guardia hospitals.

Costa Rica Government Purchase Costa Rica 2018LN-000002-4402:

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Awards: Medical Supplies for $6.2 million

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Contracts have been awarded in Panama of contracts for the supply, storage, transportation and delivery of materials and medical supplies for the Social Security Department.

Of the 59 products tendered only 54 were awarded to the companies Terapias Avanzadas S.A., Medline Solutions Panama Inc., Alta Tecnología Médica S.A., Alpha Mediq S.A., Kendall S.A., Hospimédica Panamá S.A., Compañía Astor S.A., 3M Panamá, U.S.