Tender for Media Monitoring Service

The Central Bank of Honduras tenders information and news monitoring services at the national level, for a 24-month term.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Honduras Government Purchase LPública No.03-2019:

"Hiring of information and news monitoring services at the national level, related to the Central Bank of Honduras and the country's economic environment, which are transmitted in the different media, for a twenty-four (24) month period from the signing of the contract.

General monitoring: monitoring of all the information or news broadcasted in the different radio and television newscasts with coverage of the most important channels and radio stations with the greatest reach in the country, a minimum of six (6) radio stations and fifteen (15) television channels broadcasting in their entirety, and they must be sent and received by the BCH immediately by e-mail.

Informative messages: Sending of short messages via cell phone, of all the news related to the work of this Institution, minimum to four (4) people.

Informative agenda: Informative topics, the most important that transcend in the media, radio, television and written press, in the morning and afternoon, which sets the informative pattern of the day."

Deadline for receipt of tenders: March 29, 2019.

See tender.

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