Tender for Mainframe Migration Processes

A study is required to determine the best option to migrate the mainframe, and also to prepare the technical specifications for the corresponding tender.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Panama Government Purchase 2021-1-10-0-08-LV-442297:

"Caja del Seguro Social requires a study to determine the best mainframe migration and to prepare the tender documents.

The study will have specialized migration tools, in addition, it must consider the current application map with SAFIRO, SIPE and other applications in the roadmap should be assessed the best strategy based on the map of applications and systems.

The objective is to obtain risk matrix reports, improvement opportunities and interviews with those responsible for the National Informatics Directorate (DENIT) in charge of the Mainframe and system maps.
For more information, enter the tender."

Reference price: $510,000.

Deadline for submission of bids: January 27, 2022.

See tender.

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