Tender for Laser Equipment in Honduras

A Teaching Hospital in Honduras requires laser equipment for ophthalmological use in surgeries and therapy, with physical and digital manual, case to store the complete equipment, lenses for the indirect laser ophthalmoscope and other specifications.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Honduras Government Purchase LPN-N° 19-2021-HE-ASLO:

"Hospital Escuela requires a laser system to be used in surgeries and ophthalmologic therapy, with some of the following general technical specifications:

1. Laser diode technology photo coagulator.
2. Working principle based on a diode with bending crystal for the generation of radiation of at least 532 nm wavelength.
3. Maximum corneal power of 1.2 w.
4. Pulse duration, continuously selectable from 10 ms or less to 2500 ms or more.
5. Treatment spot selection selectable in a focal form from 50 to 500 microns or wider range.

Some of the following operating parameters and/or components:
1. Generator main panel controls.
2. Indirect laser ophthalmoscope.
3. Laser generator.
4. Indirect laser ophthalmoscope.

For more information, enter the tender platform."

Deadline for submission of bids: September 14, 20201.

See tender (in Spanish).

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