Tender for Hydro-Climatological Stations System

In Honduras, a tender is being launched for the construction, supply, installation and commissioning of 38 automatic hydroclimatological stations.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Honduras Government Purchase PRRCH-58-LPI-O-:

"Construction, supply, installation and commissioning of 38 automatic hydroclimatological stations for the optimization of the Monitoring Network of the Hydrological Basins of the Hydroelectric Power Plants Francisco Morazán and Cañaveral - Río Lindo.

The hydroclimatological stations are classified into four (4) different types, determined by the sensors that allow for the registration of the different parameters.  The units of measurement must be expressed according to the international system of measurements (IS), although applications allow for a change to the system of units.

Number of stations by type:
-15 TPV Thermopluviometric Stations 
-9 HDRPV Hydropluviometric Stations 
-8 Climate Climatological Principal HMOP stations  
-6 HMOC Compact Climate Stations." 

Deadline for receipt of offers:  September 5, 2018.

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