Tender for Electrical Substation Construction

Empresa de Transmision Electrica Dominicana tenders the construction of the Jimani 138kV Substation, the contract includes the supply of all the necessary equipment for its operation.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Dominican Republic Government Purchase ETED-CCC-LPN-2021-0025:

"The works include the design, manufacture and supply of the equipment, as well as all equipment support structures and Gantries. The standards of goods and materials to be supplied shall be of the latest or current models and shall comply with all recent improvements in design and materials unless otherwise stated in the specification.

The Contractor shall have thirty (30) days from the signing of the contract to submit for approval the basic engineering and equipment drawings to be supplied for the project. Once these have been submitted and approved, the Contractor shall have an additional thirty (30) days to submit for approval all detailed engineering."

Deadline for receipt of bids: July 14, 2021.

See tender.

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Electrical Equipment: $4 Million Tender

December 2018

The works consist of the design, supply and construction of the amplification of the civil and electromechanical works in the transformer yard of the Panama substation.

Panama Government Purchase 2018-2-78-0-08-LV-010844:

" This project consists of the design, supply and construction of the amplification of the civil and electromechanical works in the 230/115/13.8 kV transformer yard of the Panama substation for the replacement of power autotransformer No. T3; it also includes the engineering and integration of the new equipment with the existing Protection and Control Automation System in the substation for the full connection of all the equipment to the National Interconnected System (SIN).

Works in Electrical Network: $4 million Tender

November 2018

The Panama Electric Transmission Company tenders the supply, assembly, commissioning, implementation and civil works for the T2 auto transformer at the Changuinola substation.

Panama Government Purchase 2018-2-78-0-01-LV-010738:

"The Contractor will perform the engineering, supply all required electromechanical materials and equipment, supply all construction equipment and tools, supply and execute all labor, and in general will do everything necessary to achieve the complete performance of the Works, the object of the Contract, in accordance with the conditions and criteria established in the Technical Specifications.

Tender: Electrical Works

January 2018

The National Electrification Institute of Guatemala is putting out to tender the expansion and improvement of the substation Guatemala Norte.

Guatemala Government Purchase 7403623:

"The contract includes design and detailed engineering, civil works, electromechanical work, equipment supply, assembly, wiring, connection, testing and commissioning a three-phase reactor of 20 MVAR 230 KV, to connect to the substation bus through the construction of a connection field with double bar configuration, according to the reference plans contained in the annexes. 

Tender: Electricity Works for $81 million

August 2016

Panama is inviting bids for supply and services for the repowering of the Panama II-Chepo Line and the new LT Chepo -Meteti, 230kV and associated substations.

Panama Government Purchase 2016-2-78-0-08-LP-007309:

"This contract includes the completion of the project called "Transmission Line Panama II-Chepo-Metetí -230 KV "consisting of: