Tender for Document Transport Services

The National Bank of Panama tenders the service of transporting remittances and various documents to and from the branches and dependencies of the institution at the national level.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Panama Government Purchase 2019-1-01-0-99-LP-016071:

"The service of transporting remittance bags and various documents is required. The transportation will be to and from the national branches and dependencies of the National Bank of Panama (hereinafter the "Bank"). The documents to be transported are:

a. Remittance Valises: securities paid and/or deposited, such as checks, tax payments and others.

b. Suitcases of Various Documents: internal and external correspondence of the Bank, boxes with various documents, files, forms and documents in blanks, advertising documents, advertisements and others."

Reference value: $1,104,374.

Deadline for receipt of tenders: July 29, 2019.

See tender.

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August 2021

Banco de Costa Rica requires document custody and digitization services; therefore, the bidder must have different professionals, equipment and computer systems to provide the service.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2021LN-000017-0015700001:

"The service is for Banco de Costa Rica, the following are some of the technical specifications.

Tender for Document Management System

June 2019

In Guatemala, Empresa Portuaria Quetzal tenders the supply of equipment and software to digitize and manage the institution's documents.

Guatemala Government Purchase 10526366:

"The Bidder shall specify the computer equipment (hardware) to be used and its capabilities, maintenance services, support and technical assistance that may be provided to guarantee the results of each of the production stages to be implemented and human resources that will facilitate the capture, storage and consultation of digital records, and the way in which they will be provided.

Tender for Passenger Transportation Service

October 2017

The Autonomous Executive Port Commission in El Salvador is putting out to tender, for the year 2018, transport services for staff at the Port of Acajutla and the airports of Comalapa and Ilopango.

Government Purchase El Salvador DR-CAFTA-ADACA-UE CEPA-LA-03/2018:

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The Administrative Board of the National Registry of Costa Rica is putting out to tender document scanning services.

Government Purchase 2014LN-000011-0005900001 Costa Rica [LN]:

"Scanning volumes and other documents."

Potential bidders can access the required technical aspects of systems that manage the National Registry, and see which systems that have to guarantee compatibility and interaction, and in this way have a clear idea about the requirements and objectives of the process. Companies must also be aware of which programs have limitations which prevent their modification, so that companies can consider other solutions.