Tender for Construction Works in Parks

The Municipal Mayor's Office of the Central District of Honduras tenders different construction works in several recreation plazas.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Honduras Government Purchase LPrNO-35-AMDC-80-2019:

"Details of some of the works:

-Monte Verde Colony Park. The project consists of the construction of a park in the green area of the Monte Verde colony, a concrete court will be built, with dimensions of 9.00 m x 15.00 m, with a concrete floor slab with a thickness of 10 cm, a perimeter wall block of 6" with a height of 1.05 m (includes lower and upper solera), twenty-three (23) castles of 15 cm x 15 cm will be built, with a height of 1.05 m, twenty-nine concrete dice of 30 cm x 30 x 40 cm.

-Residential Park Villa Universitaria 1st Stage. The project consists of improving the conditions of the park of the residential Villa Universitaria, the existing construction consists of a concrete court, block bleachers and block perimeter wall of 6" with cyclone mesh. The land will be shaped and a 418.57 m2 textured concrete pavement will be built.

-Altos de Venecia Residential Park 2nd Stage. The project consists of improving the conditions of the park of the residential Venice II stage, the existing construction consists of a concrete court and bleachers, a masonry retaining wall and a children's playground with gravel. A square will be built with a viewpoint in the highest part of the land, consists of a retaining wall, will be filled with select material and leveled with material from the excavation site, on the wall will be built a concrete floor of 15 cm x 25 cm, this will be fixed to the wall with pins of rod #3 placed with inclination in the joints of the wall, also will be built a metal railing with height of 0.90 m of which 20 cm will be fused in the floor."

Deadline for receipt of tenders: August 29, 2019.

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