Tender for Book Distribution in Guatemala

The Ministry of Education is inviting bids for the packaging and distribution of text books for primary schools.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Ministry had earlier tendered the purchase of more than four million readers for the pre primary and primary levels and is now putting out to tender the packaging and distribution of the same items.

According to the specifications the total number of boxes to be distributed exceeds 45,500.

"The funds available to the Ministry of Education for book distribution comes from the Inter American Development Bank 2018 loan, which also funded the acquisition of reading material in the amount of Q80.9 million ($10 million)", reported PrensaLibre.com.

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Book Printing Tender

July 2018

The Ministry of Education in Guatemala is putting out to tender a printing service for 2.1 million textbooks.

Guatemala Government Purchase 8358958:

"-Lote 1: 67,711 books from the "Descubro y Aprendo" series for the 4-year olds stage of the Pre-Primary Education Level.

Guatemala Cancels Massive Book Purchase

August 2013

The Ministry of Finance has canceled an award for 4.5 million textbooks with the company Papelco.

The reason given was that the assessment panel of the tender did not clarify several cases of disagreements during the bidding process.

The resolution by the Ministry of Finance states that the case be returned to the Contest Rating Board "in order to review the proceedings (...) giving the explanations due and resolving them accordingly."

Tender for Printing, Packaging and Distribution of Textbooks

July 2012

The Ministry of Education in Guatemala is putting out to tender printing services, and packaging and distribution of textbooks.

The texts in the tender are grouped into the following lots:
Lot 1 - International Job Placement Occupational FOIL Training and Modules on Multispecies farms for 634 NUFED for First, Second and Third Grade.

Honduras Tenders Teaching Materials

May 2012

The Ministry of Education is inviting bids for the purchase and distribution of books and reading activities for students and guides for teachers.

The Secretary of Education - Procurement Unit Coordinator Program and Project (Plan EFA), has announced an international tender for the purchase and distribution of Reading Books and Activities for Students and Guides for Teachers in the Area of Spanish Communication for the First to Sixth Grade.