Tender for $8 Million in Hospital Equipment

The government of the Dominican Republic tenders through the National Health Service, various equipment for laboratory use in hospitals nationwide.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Dominican Republic Government Purchase SNS-CCC-LPN-2022-0014:

"The National Health Service seeks to acquire the supply and installation of laboratory and imaging equipment for use in hospitals nationwide.

The bid specifies 47 different pieces of equipment in different quantities, with their technical specifications.

* 18 Voltex Stirrers: It is a microbiology laboratory equipment used for mixing in test tubes, which must have a compact tabletop design for circular vibration stirring, with noise magnitude less than 30 dB, direct rotation mechanical system with eccentricity of 1.5 mm.

* 60 24-tube centrifuges: It is a medical equipment that rotates a sample of 24 tubes to separate by centrifugal force its components to their density, which must have maintenance-free electric motor, interchangeable oscillating rotor, maximum capacity of centrifuge between 400 to 800 ml or higher range, programmable timer up to 30 minutes minimum and noise level not exceeding 65 dbas.

* 50 Rack with 50 positions: Laboratory instrument to hold sample tubes, must be polypropylene or stainless steel, hole diameter -0.18 cm/0.07 in, length 25.5 cm/10.04 in, width 10.5 cm/4.13 in, height 6.7 cm/2.64 in.

* 10 Digital Mammographs: Fixed equipment to perform radiological breast studies with full field digital image acquisition with digital printout, high frequency X-Ray generator, kilo voltage between 20 to 49 in 1 kv increments, in tender it specifies X-ray tubes, digital detector, arm, grid or anti-scatter system.

For more information on the equipment, enter the bidding platform."
Estimated amount: $8,182,202.68.

Deadline to submit bids: July 06, 2022.

See tender.

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