Tender for $80 Million in Road Expansion

In Panama, the expansion of one lane for public transport traffic is being tendered.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Panama Government Purchase 2021-0-09-0-08-08-LV-007835

"The Ministry of Public Works of Panama requires the construction of exclusive bus lanes on Espana road.

The construction of the lane must consider from the design of the plans to the financing for the construction.

The road construction requires open granulometry asphalt mix for friction layers, which will be processed in a hot production plant.

Quality will be evaluated in four divisions: earthwork, structures, paving and signage.

The stipulated construction time for the work is 30 months.

For more information enter the tender."

Estimated amount: $80,168,741.30.

Deadline to submit bids: January 27, 2022.

See tender.

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Tender: Road Extension

January 2017

The Ministry of Public Works in Panama is inviting bids for the extension to 6 lanes of the Corridor Las Playas, Section 2: Santa Cruz - San Carlos.

Panama Government Purchase 2016-0-09-0-15-LV-004596:

"Expansion of the Pan American Highway in the stretch between Santa Cruz -San Carlos, with an approximate length of 21k + 800, and also includes the variant Chame - Punta Barco with an approximate length of 13k + 600 with four (4) lanes, two (2) in each direction as well as the renovation of the existing via Chame Punta Barco (13k + 200) and the design and construction of returns to the flyover in the area of Coronado.

Tender: 10 km Road Extension

May 2016

The Ministry of Public Works in Panama is putting out to tender the study, design, construction and maintenance works for the expansion and renovation of the Panamerican highway in the section Bridge of the Americas - Arraiján.

Panama Government Purchase 2016-0-09-0-15-LV-004 337:

Panama: Tender Announced for Road Widening

April 2016

The Ministry of Public Works has announced that next week the requirements for the tender for the design and expansion to eight lanes of the Bridge of the Americas - Via Centenario -Arraiján will be published.

It is estimated that the public tender act will be made by September, and the order to proceed could be given in the last quarter of this year.

Panama: Highway Expansion Announced

November 2015

The Ministry of Public Works will be building an additional lane on the stretch of road from Bugaba to David on the Inter-American highway in the province of Chiriqui.

The road expansion works is added to improvement works at the entrance and exit of the Regional Hospital in David and the Autonomous University of Chiriqui.