Tender for $30 Million in Road Construction

The tender includes construction of several road sections and vehicular bridges in different locations in the province of Cocle, Panama.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Panama Government Purchase 2022-0-09-0-02-LV-008201:

"In Panama, the Ministry of Public Works is planning the construction of roads and bridges in the district of Anton, province of Coclé through a best value bidding process.

The tender includes the corresponding studies, design and construction of the asphalting of roads and bridges in Coclé.

A total of seven vehicular bridges will be built:

* Bridge over Brazo de Rio Chico, Bridge on the road to Juan Hombron and the Bridge over Río Juan Diaz, each 15 meters long, with two lanes of 3.60 meters, in addition, with a pedestrian sidewalk of 1.20 meters.

* Bridge over the Estancia River, 65 meters long, with two 3.60-meter lanes and a 1.20-meter pedestrian sidewalk.

* Bridge over Quebrada los Pérez # 1, 20 meters long, with two lanes of 3.60 meters, pedestrian sidewalk of 1.20 meters.

* Bridge over Quebrada los Pérez # 2 and Bridge over Quebrada Santa Rita #3, each 10 meters long, with two 3.60 meter lanes, 1.20-meter sidewalk.

The tender also includes street construction, in some of the following locations:

* Santa Rita:
  - Los Perez Street - Quebrada Grande Stretch 1.
  - Quebrada Grande - Bella Florida Street.
  - Los Perez Street - Quebrada Grande Stretch 2.
  - Los Reyes Street - Quebrada Grande.
  - Centro de Salud - Santa Barbara Street.

* Rio Hato.
  - Pueblo Nuevo Street - Minisuper Ribison.
  - Minisuper Robinson Street - Pueblo Nuevo School.
  - Tertiary section from 1st to 4th Streets.

* El Chiru.
  - Milla de Oro Neighborhood - La Tuza.
  - Loma Bonita Street behind the leasing company.
  - La Melonera 2 Street.

* Anton Cabecera.
  - Street La Amistad.
  - San Antonio Street.
  - Divino Niño Street.
  - Via Playa La Pacora.

For more information, enter the tender platform."

Estimated amount: $29,632,200.

Deadline to submit tenders: July 26, 2022.

See tender.

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