Tender for $29 Million in Road Rehabilitation

The Ministry of Public Works of Panama tenders the design, construction, rehabilitation and financing of streets and roads in the district of Changuinola.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Panama Government Purchase 2020-0-09-0-01-LV-007184:

"The project consists of a total length of 42.30 km which are subdivided into the following sections:

Section 1, Design and Construction of Calle Zegla-Bonyic-Rancho Quemado, with a length of 14,480 kilometers, which begins at the bridge abutment #2 over the Teribe River, and ends at Rancho Quemado.
Section 2, Design and Construction of the Roads San San-San San La Tigra (Branches: San San Druy and Alto Soron), with a length of 13,215 kilometers, which begins at the entrance of San San, and ends in the town of San San La Tigra.
Section 3, Design and Construction of the Roads Charagre-Carbon-Cui Kin, with a length of 8.80 kilometers, which begins at the intersection after the town of Charagre, and ends at the school of Cui Kin.
Section 4, Rehabilitation of the Street: Santa Rosa - Sursuba, with a length of 5.80 kilometers, which begins in Santa Rosa, and ends in Sursuba."

Reference value: $29,374,794.

Deadline for receipt of offers: December 30, 2020.

See tender (in Spanish).

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Tender for the design of the renovation of the Atalaya-Mariato-Quebro-Las Flores Highway, and the design and construction of the Quebro-Varadero Arena Branch, in the province of Veraguas.

Government of Panama Purchase 2018-0-09-0-09-LP-005537:

$48 million Road Works Contract Awarded

April 2018

In Panama, a contract has been awarded to Constructora MECO for the design and construction of 80 kilometers of streets and roads in the district of David, province of Chiriqui.

The companies that took part in the tender for the renovation of road sections were Constructora MECO, Sacyr Construction, China Railway International Group, Bagatrac S.A., Ininco, S.A., Conalvias Construcciones S.A.S., Constructora Urbana and Construcciones Civiles y Concretos de Panamá S.A., with offers of $48 million, $49 million, $24 million, $25 million, $54 million, $53 million and $26 million respectively. 

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The Ministry of Public Works has announced that it will hold a best value tender for design and construction works to renovate streets in Cañazas, province of Veraguas.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Public Works:

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) will soon be holding a Best Value tender for Design and Construction Works to Renovate streets in the district of Cañazas, province of Veraguas, which will benefit an estimated 17,940 inhabitants.