Tender for $17 Million in Drugs

In the Dominican Republic, the supply of medicines and medical sanitary inputs is being tendered, which will be used to mitigate the spread of covid-19.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Dominican Republic Government Purchase PROMESECAL-MAE-PEEN-2020-0028:

"Some of the items to be tendered:

-Ocetaminophen vial 100 ml
-Amiodarone hydrochloride
-Ciprofloxacin for infusion
-Dexamethasone Phosphate
-Fentanyl Citrate
-Interferon Alpha 2B
-Labetalol Hydrochloride"

Deadline for receipt of offers: October 14, 2020.

See tender (in Spanish).

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Tender for $29 Million in Medicines in the Dominican Rep.

March 2021

The Essential Medicines Program tenders the supply of medicines and medical health supplies for the period from July 2021 to June 2022.

Dominican Republic Government Purchase PROMESECAL-CCC-LPN-2021-0001:

"Some of the medicines tendered:

-19.2 million ampicillin blisters in oral capsule.

Tender for $5 Million in Medicines

August 2019

Panama's Ministry of Health tenders supply of trastuzumab emtansina 100 mg, osimertinib 80mg and sorafenib 200 mg.

Panama Government Purchase 2019-0-12-11-08-LP-015369:

"Trastuzumab emtansina 100mg per vial. Acquisition data sheet: 105301."

Reference value: $ 2,677,200.

Changes in Medication Purchases

October 2018

Arguing that the expected therapeutic effects were not proven, the Social Security of Guatemala decided to remove 107 medicines from the Basic List of Medicines.

On October 10th the Board of Directors of the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security (IGSS) announced the approval of the new Basic List of Medicines, which excludes some vitamins, antidepressants and painkillers.

$3 million Medicines Tender

July 2018

The Costa Rican Social Security Fund is putting out to tender a supply of various types of medicines.

Costa Rica  Government Purchase 2018ME-000115-5101:

"Beclomethasone dipropionate 100 ug / dose in extra fine aerosol solution for oral inhalation, pressurized bottle with 200 doses, does not contain CFC, amount required 1,100,000."