Tender for $15 Million in Transformers

Dominican Republic government requires transformers and dual mobile substation for Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Sur.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Government of the Dominican Republic purchase EDESUR-CCC-LPN-2021-0004:

"Edesur Dominicana requires the acquisition of transformers of different power ratings and mobile substation, described as follows.

* Four 40 MWA, 69 - 12.5 KV power transformers. Delivery in 12 months.
* One power transformer 24 - 30 MVA, 138/12.5 KV. Delivery in 13 months.
* Two power transformers 40 - 50 MVA, 138/12.5 KV. Delivery in 14 months.
* One power transformer 30 MVA, 69 - 12.5 KV. Delivery in 15 months.
* One dual mobile substation 138 - 69 12.8 KV 35 MVA. Delivery in 15 months.

The awarded company must deliver the requested items within 12 to 15 months with the required technical specifications.

For more information, enter the tender."

Deadline to submit bids: February 08, 2022.

Estimated amount: $14,953,137.14.

See tender.

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International Tender: Electrical Works in Honduras

February 2021

Empresa Nacional de Energía Electrica bids for the construction of transmission lines and the expansion of electrical substations.

Honduran Government Purchase ENEE-59-LPI-O-:

"Batch 1:

The bidder for this lot shall include, but not limited to the following:

A. Construction of a 138 Kv single ternary transmission line between the Miraflores-Laínez electrical substations.

International Tender: Supervision of Electrical Works

November 2020

Empresa Nacional de Energía Eléctrica de Honduras tenders for the supervision and management of projects to expand electrical substations and build new ones.

Honduras Government Purchase ENEE-61-SBCC-CF-:

"This project consists of the supervision and management of the following projects:

$11 Million in Electrical Works Projected

October 2019

A substation with a transformation capacity of 69 Kv to 13.8 Kv and 69 Kv power lines is planned to be built in Nueva Santa Rosa, Guatemala.

Transportista Eléctrica Centroamericana, S.A. presented to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) to develop the project called, "New Santa Rosa Substation of 14 MVA of Transformation Capacity from 69 Kv to 13.8 Kv and its 69 Kv power lines."

$8 million Tender for Electrical Equipment

July 2018

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute is putting out to tender a supply of 138 Kv and 230 Kv power transformers.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2018LI-000006-PROV: 

"Description of the required equipment: