Tender for $15 Million in Construction Works

In the Dominican Republic, the construction of the northern access roads, parks and sports areas of the Nuevo Domingo Savio project, Los Guandules sector, Distrito Nacional, is being put out to bid.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Dominican Republic Government Purchase CRBE-CCC-LPN-2021-0001:

"The deadline for submitting the Letter of Manifestation of Interest expires next July 4. The visit to the sites where the works object of this bidding will be executed will take place on July 14, at 10 a.m., at the Nuevo Domingo Sabio Project, in the La Ciénaga Sector, D.N.

The maximum time of execution of the work established is four hundred and twenty (420) calendar days counted from the day on which the total amount corresponding to the advance payment is paid as specified in the schedule of the process."

Reference value: $14,931,034.

Deadline for receipt of bids: August 10, 2021.

See tender.

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$5 Million in Sports Center Construction

January 2021

In the Dominican Republic, a tender was issued for the construction of a sports center with its respective parking area, to be located in Nuevo Domingo, in the sector of La Cienaga.

Dominican Republic Government Purchase CRBE-CCC-LPN-2020-0004:

"The Bidders/Proposers shall make an inspection visit to the site of the Works and its surroundings so that, considering the specifications and other relative documentation provided by the Contracting Entity, they may make the evaluations of the aspects that they require, analyze the degrees of difficulty of the works and carry out the investigations that they consider necessary on the conditions of the site, conditions of the environment and, in general, on all the circumstances that may affect or influence the calculation of the value of their Proposal.

$6 Million in Sports Center Construction

March 2020

The Panamanian Institute of Sports has invited bids for the study, design and construction of El Festival del Banano sports complex in the district of Changuinola, Bocas del Toro.

Panama Government Purchase 2020-1-35-0-01-LV-007933

"The Contractor has the exclusive responsibility to visit and inspect the entire site and area where the Work will be executed, to carry out the required evaluations, surveys and investigations, to carry out the verifications and analyses that it considers pertinent to present its technical and economic proposal, considering the conditions of the place and area where the Work will be executed, the accesses, conditions of personnel and material transportation, handling, storage, disposition, sources of materials, availability of labor, water, energy and communications, and in general all the elements and conditions that may have a direct and indirect impact on it.

Tender for $5 Million in Stadium Construction

March 2020

The Panamanian Institute of Sports tenders the studies, design and construction of a baseball stadium in the Almirante district, province of Bocas del Toro.

Panama Government Purchase 2020-1-35-0-01-LV-007931:

"For the field studies required for the design and construction of this project are part of the scope of work of the Contractor which will be carried out the necessary studies without placing studies not required to the project.

Tender: $13 million in Recreational Infrastructure

August 2017

In Panama, tenders have been launched for construction of a park in Chiriquí, a sports complex in Herrera and a bicycle lane in the district of Panama.

Panama Government Purchase 2017-1-35-0-06-LV-006886:

"Study, design, renovation, construction and equipment of the Olmedo Sáenz sports complex and a multipurpose court in front of the Claudio Nieto stadium, located in the district of Chitré province of Herrera."