Tender: Spectrum for Mobile Telephony and Internet

A tender is being launched in Costa Rica for seven generic blocks (2 x 5 MHz) in the bands of 1800 MHz and 1900/2100 MHz of the radio spectrum for mobile telephony and Internet.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Government Purchase No. 354-2015 Costa Rica-TEL-MICITT:

"The Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel), is putting out to tender by means of a Public Act seven generic blocks (2 x 5 MHz) in the bands of 1800 MHz and 1900/2100 MHz for mobile telephony and internet services.

'The Radio spectrum that will be made available in this auction will allow increased capacity of mobile phone networks and internet services operating in the country or the eventual incorporation of new market entrants. The awardees of the process will have to meet several objectives of improving service quality," explained Manuel Emilio Gutiérrez Ruiz, Chairman of the Sutel.

Against the clock auction format: 

This is an auction in which a base price is established for each segment of the spectrum to be auctioned and each offeror must indicate, according to that price, how many segments they would be willing to obtain.

If the amount of spectrum demanded is greater than supply, the next round takes place in which the price per segment increases by up to 20%.

This process is repeated until the demand is equal to or less than the amount of spectrum to be auctioned, then the spectrum is awarded.  Each round can take between 20 and 30 minutes."

The deadline for receipt of bids is February 13, 2017

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$43 million Paid for Mobile Frequencies

July 2017

In the tender for 70 MHz of frequencies for telephone and mobile telephone and Internet services in Costa Rica, Claro paid $19 million for three blocks of frequencies and Movistar $24 million for four blocks.

In the against the clock auction, in a single round, the Telecommunications Superintendence (Sutel) sold the 70 MHz that had been left idle since the first radio spectrum contest was held in 2011.

Costa Rica: Radio Spectrum Tender Postponed Again

April 2017

For the third time the date for submitting bids in the 70 MHz tender for the radio spectrum for international mobile technology services has been postponed.

For the third time, the deadline has been changed for submitting the proposals, after the operators interested in the tender  filed appeals and objections against the tender conditions.

Costa Rica: Idle Radio Bands Will Finally Be Tendered

February 2016

After a five years wait, the Telecommunications Authority has received an order to award unused radio spectrum frequencies.

From a publication in the official newspaper La Gaceta on Tuesday February 9, 2016:

Executive Decree No. 354-2015-Tel-Micitt, the Second Vice President of the Republic in exercise of the Presidency of the Republic and the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications, agree:

Urgent Need to Assign Radio Spectrum in Costa Rica

September 2013

A recommendation has been given to accelerate the launch of new tenders for frequencies in order to develop next-generation services such as 4G LTE networks.

A study by the company Signals Telecom Consulting reveals that telephone companies must have more space in the spectrum in order to adjust their operations to accommodate smartphones and meet the demand for fast speeds for mobile internet browsing.