Tender: Metal Detectors

The Public Ministry of Guatemala is putting out to tender a supply of 100 metal detector arcs for use by the institution.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Guatemala Government Purchase 6473105:

"Some minimum technical specifications: 

- 33 Detection zones that can work with the desired zones: 8 zones, 16 zones, 24 zones or 33 zones, even separately (left and right).
- Certificate standard: CE, ISO, FCC, ROHS.
- Waterproof IP-67, so it can be used internally and externally under any standard circumstances. 
- Adjustable sensitivity of each zone and that has its own level of automated sensitivity: High, medium, low. 
- Pre-size adjustments of the metals to be detected, for multipurpose operation and exact alerts: weight, volume, location, to exclude coins, keys, belts or braces etc.
- Must have an audible alarm that can be set to sound from 1 to 25 seconds, with several levels of sound volume and different tones to choose from.
- LED light Alarm: LED bars in the left and right frame of the panel for better accuracy in each alert.

The deadline for receipt of bids is January 17, 2017.

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