Tender: Master Plan for Convention Center

The Ministry of the Economy is inviting bids for consultancy on the pre-feasibility study, feasibility study and master plan for the Convention District in Guatemala City.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Guatemala Government Purchase 5780209:

"The MINECO will be contracting out studies for a 20 year Master Plan and pre-Feasibility and feasibility studies for the Convention District in Guatemala City. 

Once the suitable bidder has been selected, this entity must proceed with the pre feasibility and feasibility study, which must address at least the following issues, which in turn are considered consulting deliverables: 

Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the proposed initiative based on the assessment of economic and demographic characteristics of the area to be served.  

A. Market Study 

B. Technical Study 

C. Legal Study 

D. Financial Study."

The deadline for receipt of comments is January 30, 2017.

See tender.

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Subway: Tender for Feasibility Study

April 2019

The National Agency of Alliances for the Development of Economic Infrastructure tenders the pre-feasibility study of the Underground Metro of Guatemala City.

Guatemala Government Purchase 10262253:

"The general purpose of the consultancy is to analyze the feasibility of implementing an Integrated Mass Public Transport System for the East-West Axis of the Metropolitan Area of Guatemala City, at the pre-feasibility level, which articulates in an integral way, with the current and future mobility dynamics, the existing and planned transport offer in the coming years, as well as with the projected urban development plans and that allows institutional decisions regarding the project to be made.

Resumption of Convention Center Tender

July 2017

The Guatemalan government has announced that in two weeks it will publish the tender documents for the feasibility study and master plan to build a Convention District.

A year after the government's interest in developing a large convention center in the capital was announced for the first time, the project has been brought back into the limelight.

International Tender: Master Plan for Panama Metro

February 2017

A call has been made for expressions of interest to develop a pre-feasibility study for a new network master plan for the Panama Metro system, with emphasis on lines 4 and 5.

From the announcement made by the Panama Metro Secretariat:

The general objective of the consulting services for a pre feasibility study for a New Network Master Plan for the Panama Metro System is to undertake pre feasibility analysis of the New Network Mater Plan for the Panama Metro, with emphasis on lines 4 and 5, starting from demand estimates developed under the TRANUS system, updating the MPSA database in terms of the physical, socioeconomic and urban development variables of the various corridors that make up the network. 

Panama Invites Bids for $700.000 Feasibility Study

October 2009

This study is for a Scientific and Technological R&D Center, known in Spanish as CIDECYT.

CIDECYT will engage in scientific and technological research for diverse applications, both practical and scientific, both for the Technical University of Panama as well as for the national and international scientific community. State institutions will work with this center in several development projects in the next years.