Tender: Data Storage Service

In Panama, a tender is being launched for the management of information in the high availability cloud for the Metro Bus S.A. data center and other complementary services.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Panama Government Purchase 2018-2-81-01-08-LV-000287:  

"Requirements are for provision of Services in Managed Placement, High Availability Cloud, Managed Services, among others, regarding Data Center as Technology Infrastructure and services, which will allow for the installation, operation, monitoring, maintenance, and support of current systems and scalability to support requirements, projects and new needs, security, availability, reliability and integrity of these systems.

These must include the ability to provide at least the service and license for the following Database Engines: Sql Server 2012 R2, Oracle 11g, 12g, 12c or the latest versions to date during the contract time."

Reference value: $1.295.000 

The deadline for receipt of bids is June 7, 2018.

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Tender for Cloud Platform Services

May 2021

The Honduran Institute of Social Security tenders the services of an enterprise-level cloud technology platform Amazon Web Service, for a one-year term.

Government of Honduras Purchase LPN-010-2021:

"Enterprise Level Cloud Technology Platform Service (IaaS). Enterprise-class, integrated cloud computing services that support the selection of operating systems, tools, databases and devices on the platform itself.

Cloud Services: New Service Center

February 2021

Amazon Web Services announced that it will open an office in San Jose, Costa Rica, dedicated to supporting the cloud computing adoption process for organizations of all sizes, from startups to some of the oldest and most established companies.

The new office will establish a local group of account executives, solution architects, partner managers, support staff and other functions for customers to engage directly with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in their local environment and language, reported the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (Cinde).

Honduras: Tender for Cloud Services

January 2019

The National Autonomous University of the country tenders the data storage service in the cloud, for a 24-month period.

Honduras Government Purchase LPN No.18-2018-SEAF-UNAH:

"The goal is to ensure continuity in the operation of the technological platform that supports critical information systems for the university community, has made the technical projection of a disaster recovery plan, which includes the establishment of the backup technological platform outside the facilities of the UNAH, where it is possible to have connectivity capacity, execution of applications and remote processing of data in case of failures or disasters in the local technological platform, as well as safe storage services backups of the technological platform.

Panama: Strategic Center for Data Storage

May 2013

The fact that companies from the sector have invested about $250 million to settle in the country, is characterising Panama as a strategic center for data storage in America.

According to Eduardo Jaen, head of the Panamanian Authority for Government Innovation (AIG), the majority of these firms offer their services to banking and telephony companies in Central America and the Caribbean, and "Panama has found a safe haven for their data ".