Tender: 48 Vehicles of Various Types

In Costa Rica a tender is being launched for the supply of 28 pick up trucks, 13 microbuses, 5 motorcycles and 2 police vehicles for 3 passengers.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Government Purchase Costa Rica 2017PP-000001-0016200001: 

"Vehicles Required:

-20 pick up trucks, model 4x4 double cab, diesel engine, four doors, 2494 cc engine, 4cyl 16v, DOHC, hp 102 @ 3600, two rows of seats for 5 passengers, weight 2890, full extras minus the rims, with wincher, with running boards, white, labeled with the insignia of the Professional Migration Police and the word "Oficial", police lights, official number plates, with halogeno siren and maintenance.

-12 diesel microbuses, 70 liter tank capacity, four doors, 2996 cc engine 4cyl ohc, 197-2400 torque, 5 rows of seats, for 16 passengers, gross weight 3300, load capacity 1075, HP rpm-92-4000, total length 5,380 meters, width 1,880 meters, height 2,285 meters, wheelbase 3110, height 1.85 meters, removable headboards, full extras, white color labeled with the insignia of the Professional Migration Police and the word "Policial", police lights, official number plate, with siren, rear view camera, fabric upholstery, halogens, and maintenance.

-8 pick up trucks, 4x4, with personalized truck bed, cylinder between 4000 to 5000 cc, diesel and 6 cylinders.

-5 mountaineer motorcycles, double purpose, cylinder between 230 cc and 300 cc with electronic injection fuel supply, electric start and pedal start, net power of 30 kw, 5 transmission speeds, with police markings.

-2 police vehicles, platform type, 3 passengers, maximum power 250 kW, manual transmission, diesel, 4x2, rims 20. 

-1 microbus, 29 to 30 people, 6-cylinder diesel engine, no less than 4000 cc, power not less than 95 kW torque of 285 nm or higher, 5-speed manual transmission, power steering with adjustable steering wheel. 

Reference value: $2.654.691.

The deadline for receipt of bids is August 21, 2017. 

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June 2021

Costa Rican Social Security Fund tenders the supply of pick up, microbus, ambulance and truck type vehicles.

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-Pick ups diesel engine 4x4 traction, manual gearbox, four doors, with capacity for 5 passengers.

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The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad tenders the supply of 139 vehicles of different types for the institution's use.

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