Telefonica Invests $100 million in Nicaragua

The Spanish company has announced the investment of $100 million for the expansion of mobile phone and internet coverage.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The director of Telefonica - Movistar in Nicaragua stated that the investment will take place over a period of three months, so they estimate that by January 2012, coverage will span the entire Nicaraguan territory.

"The investment includes the expansion of networks, the improvement of bandwidth for Internet coverage on 3G (third generation) as well as other improvements, announced the representatives of the telephone company", reported Terra Noticias.

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Private Cell Phone Coverage Expands in Costa Rica

February 2012

Claro and Movistar are bringing forward their plans to grow putting the state run ICE, until recently a monopoly, under pressure.

Claro plans to advance by four years rolling out their infrastructure. For its part, Movistar reports that its sales network has grown 30% since November, when they and Claro entered the market, breaking up the state monopoly by the ICE.

Claro Invests $150 Million in Honduras

December 2011

America Movil, Claro's parent company, is investing in the development and delivery of broadband services.

Users of the Claro network, and now Digicel, will have access to greater geographical coverage, better quality and innovation in services, and higher speeds.

So said the director of Claro Honduras, Luis del Cid, who announced the acquisition, which was negotiated between the parties in the first quarter of 2011.

Movistar Expands Coverage in Guatemala

September 2011

The phone company will invest in the installation of 200 transmission antennas to expand its coverage in the country.

The new antennas will join the thousands that the company has already installed, said Telefonica Moviles’ deputy director of Technology Operations and Systems, Luis Eduardo Durán.

Nicaragua: Mobile Coverage Expanded to Rural Areas

January 2011

Telecommunications company Claro announced it will extend coverage of its cellular network to rural communities with more than a thousand residents.

The company stated that the expansion of cellular coverage will not only reach 99% of municipalities, but also to other areas in the Atlantic.