Telefónica Prepares Infrastructure for Opening in Costa Rica

The Spanish company plans to use third party infrastructure to accelerate its entry into the market.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mercedes Agüero journalist for La Nacion newspaper interviewed the highest ranking representative of the company in the country.

"There some issues such as base stations and microwave frequencies that are priorities. How could this affect the speed with which they want to deploy the network?

Regarding microwaves, we now have the first ones (..) We are convinced that within a period of no longer than two months, we will have all that we have requested, which is 600.

"Those are for the national network, not just the metropolitan area?

Exactly. These are links throughout the country. "

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Results of the Cell Privatization in Costa Rica

November 2012

After one year of competition in mobile communications, the changes that have taken place reveal a market that is different from how many expected.

The market transformation has been swift and contained surprising nuances. Cellular penetration swiftly exceeded 100%, while the use of mobile Internet exceeded forecasts.

Movistar Launches Commercial Operations in Costa Rica

October 2011

While announcing that the service coverage will be limited due to problems with local municipalities regarding the installation of antennas, the Spanish company opened pre-registration for clients.

The announcement was made by the Director for Costa Rica, Jorge Abadia, adding "We wont have the 100% coverage that we would like from the first day but we will achieve it."

The Monopoly on Cell Phones is Hard to Crack ...

September 2011

Since November 2010 installing a cell phone tower within 15 kilometers of a Costa Rican airport has required a detailed analysis and authorisation by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Prior to that date, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) had no trouble installing the towers, but now the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has decided to adhere to international standards and make everyone endure the the red tape required for granting installation permits.

Costa Rica: Mobile Frequencies on Auction on January 7th

January 2011

Telecom superintendent Sutel informed this to Claro and Movistar after reviewing their technical and financial bids.

George Miley, head of Sutel, explained that the auction of the three frequencies will be conducted 15 days ahead of schedule.

Miley told “Both companies concluded the technical, financial and legal review.