Telecomm Hiring on Hold in Costa Rica

The opening of the telecomm market in Costa Rica is expected to generate 3.500 jobs, but companies are not yet hiring, as the opening process has not been realized.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Many hiring processes have been stalled due to red tape delays, which include appeals, mistakes and a license awarding process still in “draft” state.

An article by María Marta Salazar Muñoz in notes that companies such as “C&W and America Movil (Claro), have already hired staff in the country”, even though it is not known which mobile telephony companies will operate in Costa Rica. The article also recommends companies to include safeguards in their job contracts, to be able to suspend them in case of further delays in the opening process.

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Costa Rican Telecoms Market Shakes Up

July 2010

The upcoming publication of the conditions for the opening up of telecommunications leads operators to request clearer rules.

Telecommunication companies have asked Costa Rica's Telecommunications Regulator (SUTEL) to provide greater clarity in several areas including procedures for installing Radio Bases, interfacing with networks belonging to the state-owned electricity and telecommunications provider (ICE), and microwave communication.

Experts Warn of Inconsistencies in Cellular Market Opening

January 2010

As the schedule for auctioning mobile phone frequencies is announced, experts warn of vices in the process.

A month ago, the Costa Rican Electricity Insitute (ICE) returned a number of radio frequencies for being auctioned between private operators. Experts are now questioning if this process was legally valid.

Costa Rica finally opens its doors to telecoms investment

July 2008

The telecommunications monopoly that the government's Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) exercised for five decades has finally been overthrown.

The necessary changes to the telecommunications law were put into effect by publication in the official daily, La Gaceta.
Leading companies in wireless telephony and Internet are poised to enter the new market.

Multinationals in rush for Costa Rica's new, open cellphone market

June 2008

Costa Rica's cellphone market was officially opened to competition, and multinationals are lining up to go into battle with the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) which has held a monopoly so far.

The multinationals see potential for growth in the high traffic, unsatisfied demand and absence of a pre-paid system.