Telecom: Tuenti Changes Ownership to Claro

In Guatemala, the telephone company Tuenti reported that it will now be part of América Móvil, owner of the Claro brand, following the sale of Telefonica's shares in early 2019.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

In January 2019 it was reported that a business agreement had been reached for América Móvil, S.A.B. de C.V. to purchase the entire share capital of Telefónica Móviles Guatemala, S.A..

However, it was not until October 10th when the executives of Tuenti, which in the country has operated under the brand name of Telefonica, confirmed to their collaborators that they were also acquired by Claro.

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"Today we proudly tell you that we became the crackest part of Claro and that only means good things. You're going to have all the good vibes and benefits you had with Tuenti, but with many more things: Coverage throughout the country, unlimited social networks (we know you're going to love them), thousands and thousands of recharge points so you can buy your combos or Superpacks, an internet that is a plane, many more GB in each package you buy and above all our eternal gratitude for having trusted that cell phone could be different, honest and as incredible as you," explains an official letter from Tuenti.

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Litza de Escobar, Claro's Institutional Relations Manager, told that "... all Tuenti customers will maintain their benefits and will also have access to Claro offers; that is, more megabytes, unlimited social networks, faster internet, better signal, more recharge points and greater coverage."

Ricardo Flores, telecoms consultant for Global Group, explained that "... there is not yet a complete merger because the number pool is not defined. This means that Telefonica's numbering must pass to Claro, but it is a process that the Superintendence of Telecommunications (SIT) must clarify and rely on the Telecommunications Law, so that users are not harmed if necessary, cannot give or sell the numbers.

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