Technology and 4G mobile Data Consumption

Costa Rica is the regional leader in 4G data consumption through mobile devices and 4G networks.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

America Movil (Claro) and Telefonica (Movistar) agree that Costa Rica is the country with the highest data traffic in Central America, this is because it is the only country that does not charge for downloading data, but rather by the speed offered by providers.

According to data from Telefónica, Costa Rican users use a similar amount of data to all the users in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama put together.

According to Claro, Costa Rica is considered the "data downloader" par excellence. "The behavior requires a commercial offer linked to cell phones in the medium to high range, which allows browsing at faster speeds, said Carolina Sanchez, Coordinator of Institutional Relations of Claro Costa Rica to

Central America reports mobile penetration of 125%, 119% higher than that observed in Latin America at the end of 2013. In El Salvador and Guatemala penetration is 138%, in Costa Rica it is 128% and in Panama 180%. Meanwhile, in Honduras and Nicaragua it has still not gone over 100%, but it could do so in 2014.

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Although Samsung and Apple mobile phones represent more than half of the devices used in the region's markets, there is an upward trend in the preference for devices from the Chinese brand Huawei.

An analysis of the Trade Intelligence Area at CentralAmericaData provides interesting data on the use and preference of cell phone brands in the region.

Telecom: Regional Market Transformed

February 2019

The mergers and acquisitions being reported in Central America are largely because not all companies in the region are willing to make the heavy investments that the transition to 5G technology will require.

The most recent register of the sale of assets of one of the Central American competitors is the case of Telefónica, which on January 24 reported that for $648 million it sold to América Móvil all the shares of Telefónica Guatemala and 99.3% of Telefónica El Salvador.

Mobile Telephony Still on the Rise

October 2009

Despite the crisis, mobile phone lines continued growing in Guatemala, reaching 16 million after the first half of 2009.

Growth is expected to continue in the second semester, even surpassing the first half, as it is common for mobile phone lines to enjoy greater demand in the second halves of each year.

Alcatel-Lucent to Build Claro Network for Panama

June 2009

The French multinational will build a backhaul mobile network nationwide, allowing better services for Claro.

In a press release, Alcatel-Lucent announced that the new network will allow Claro Panama to offer its customers multimedia services, including better access to broadband Internet.