Technological Solutions for the New Normal

Products and services that allow companies to develop and implement applications anywhere, is one of the characteristics of technological solutions that in this new business reality are required for companies using the tools to be competitive.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

With the outbreak of covid-19 and the restrictions imposed worldwide, the software industry was demanded, because in order to maintain the companies' operations, the implementation of technological solutions was required.

The need to migrate from face-to-face work to telecommuting generated multiple challenges and simultaneously created an infinite number of business opportunities for software development companies.

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In this new reality that emerged quickly, one of the main challenges for software developers has been to design products and services that meet today's needs.

According to Paul Cormier, CEO of U.S.-based Red Hat, "... as this juncture unfolds, one theme is clear: ensuring that the customer can develop and deploy any application anywhere. Customers want freedom of choice and flexibility to use innovations and technologies on a platform that fits the job at hand, and our job is to make sure they can achieve that."

See "Potential Demand for Enterprise Software" reviews that according to Cormier, putting the "... focus on the products and services customers need to support telework, expand digital services, scale to meet demand, become more resilient and continue to innovate," has allowed them to grow during 2020.

Technologies such as cloud computing and automation gained unprecedented relevance. Today they are no longer an option and have become an imperative, explained Red Hat's CEO.

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