Tax on Cement in Guatemala Confirmed

The Constitutional Court has ruled as unfounded the suits on unconstitutionality filed by cement companies and left in place a tax of $0.65 on the distribution of each sack of cement.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Constitutional Court decided to maintain the tax of $0.65 per sack of cement as indicated by the reform approved for the Law of Specific Tax on the Distribution of Cement under the fiscal year 2015 of the National Budget.

The Constitutional Court informed that "... The lawyers lawsuits on behalf of Cemex, Cementos Progreso, Cámara de Comercio y la del Alcalde de Ixtahuacán, Huehuetenango, however, no articles were suspended."

"... The new tax also refers to distribution or importing of sacks of varying weight, bulk or "clinker" one which the equivalent amount is applied to 42.5 kilograms. "

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Guatemala: Proposal to Raise Taxes on Cement

June 2016

A bill aims to increase the specific tax on cement distribution from $0.19 to $0.65.

The controversial tax on the distribution of sacks of cement in the country, which currently stands at $0.19 (Q1,5) could go back up to $0.65 (Q5), if the bill put forward by the Congress of the Housing Commission is successful. 

Construction: Cement Costs Rise Due to Taxes

February 2015

The construction union of Guatemala states that construction costs have increased by about 6% since the entry into force in January of a tax on the distribution of cement.

Since the start of the charging of a $0.66 tax per bag of cement distributed, representatives from cement companies have reported a drop in sales.

Guatemala: Tax on Telephony Suspended

January 2015

The application of tax of $0.65 per mobile phone line that had been proposed by the Executive to fund part of the 2015 budget has been temporarily suspended.

The Constitutional Court temporarily suspended the collection of the tax on telephone lines after the Chamber of Industry and the three phone companies operating in the country submitted an appeal against the tax.

Guatemala: New Taxes on Cement and Telephony

December 2014

In order to finance the 2015 budget, Congress has approved a tax of $0.65 for the distribution of each sack of cement weighing 42.5 kg and the same amount for each mobile or fixed telephone line.

Between the two taxes it is hoped that a total of approximately $2,607 million will be raised to finance the General Budget of the Nation in 2015.