Tax Reform Being Prepared in Guatemala

Raising VAT from 12% to 15% and lowering income tax from 35% to 30% are part of the reforms that the Executive Branch is preparing to present to Congress.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Preliminary ideas being prepared by President Morales and a group of advisers also include incorporating the concept of world income. Although a formal document has not yet been submitted, the Executive has already started to give details of the proposal to members of Congress.

Jonathan Menkos, executive director of the Central Institute for Fiscal Studies (Icefi), told that he  "... stated that regarding the VAT increase 'it would not be very legitimate for this government to impose a change to VAT, which affects those who have the least resources, because at the beginning of the government they boosted tax privileges and favored big business who were well able to pay taxes'. "

"... Tax reform is an issue that has been handled in different spaces, however, until a week ago these intentions were reported by an adviser to Morales and the president of Congress. In the words of the Minister of Finance, Julio Héctor Estrada, this year was not the right time for a tax reform, but rather to create trust in institutions. But in the words of Taracena at the last meeting with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), tax reform is an issue that must be addressed as soon as possible. "

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Costa Rica: Banks Facing Tax Reform

April 2015

In its comments on the bill on income tax and sales reforms currently under public consultation, a request has been made that financial institutions be subject to a system of global and not published income.

From a statement issued by the Costa Rican Banking Association (ABC):

Costa Rica: Anti Tax Evasion Bill

June 2014

The new Solís administration plans to establish the Value Added Tax and demand proof of tax payment for procedures in public institutions and on application for bank loans.

The tax reform being prepared includes a bill to reform income tax. This is part of a project by the Ministry of Finance which includes 55 specific actions among which are changes in the area of ​​income, reducing government spending and control of state borrowing.

Guatemala Puts Finishing Touches on Tax Reform

January 2012

Among other measures, the bill proposed by the government examines establishing regimes for income tax and eliminating accreditation for VAT returns, a method that has encouraged evasion.

The new Guatemalan government has refined its proposed fiscal law reform, which includes proposals such as removing the accreditation of the VAT tax and setting different levels for the deduction of income tax.

Guatemalan President Postpones Fiscal Reform

April 2011

The reason given is that, "political conditions are not right for presenting the tax reforms to congress".

Guatemalan president, Álvaro Colom, had announced that he would present a fiscal reform bill in the first quarter of this year. However, he has since said that political conditions are not favorable for going through with the reforms.