Tax Amnesty: Law Sanctioned in Panama

President Laurentino Cortizo sanctioned Law 208 of April 6, 2021, which extends until December 31 of this year the validity of the tax amnesty, which initially arose in 2019.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

With this initiative of the Executive, enacted in Official Gazette and which is part of the Economic Recovery Plan (phase 1), taxpayers will have until August 31, 2021 to make payments or enter into payment arrangements with respect to tax obligations not fulfilled until January 31 of this year, official sources informed.

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According to a press release from the Presidency, the legislation establishes that all those tax obligations not fulfilled since January 31, 2021 and prior dates may be settled and take advantage of the extension of the tax amnesty, saving 85% in interest, surcharges and fines.

The law grants individuals and legal entities the opportunity to resubmit documents that should have been endorsed until January 31, 2021 and grants them the remission of 75% of the corresponding fine, provided that they pay the remaining 25% before December 31, 2021, the document states.

According to the authorities, "... the regulation dictates new tax relief measures, mainly in the area of real estate, extending the 10% discount on real estate tax until the end of April, plus an additional benefit of 5% discount for individuals and legal entities that have income lower than B/.2.5 million and that pay income tax and estimated tax with respect to the fiscal period 2020 and 2021, correspondingly, within the four months following the entry into force of this proposed law."
The extension of the tax amnesty has a social ingredient, in addition to the economic one, since, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of Panamanians have been affected not only in their health, but also in the economy of their homes as a result of the closing of companies and suspended contracts, as well as the definitive separation from their jobs, concludes the information released.

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Panama: Tax Amnesty to the End of 2021

March 2021

The National Assembly approved in third debate the bill that extends until December 31 of this year the validity of the tax amnesty, which initially arose in 2019.

The extension of a fourth General Tax Amnesty, which arose in 2019, approved, in third debate, the National Assembly and represents a savings of US$29 million to taxpayers, says an official source.

Tax Amnesty to Reactivate the Economy

February 2021

In order to reactivate the Panamanian economy that has been damaged by the outbreak of covid-19, the Ministry of Economy and Finance will present to the National Assembly a bill to extend the tax amnesty and approve new tax relief measures.

The Cabinet Council, led by President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, authorized, today, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Hector Alexander to present to the National Assembly, the bill extending the tax amnesty, as well as new tax relief measures with a view to reactivate the national economy, explains an official document.

Tax Amnesty Approved in Panama

September 2019

For interest, penalties or surcharges to be 100% forgiven, taxpayers will have until November 30, 2019 to pay their overdue taxes.

On September 26, the National Assembly approved Bill 78 of 2019, which aims to exonerate from interest, surcharges and fines of taxes that are delinquent and owed by taxpayers.

Another Tax Amnesty in Honduras

March 2013

A law decree under discussion in Congress seeks to grant a tax amnesty on penalties and interest to taxpayers with outstanding accounts with the State.

The draft submitted by the secretary of the CN, Rigoberto Chang Castillo, would grant amnesty to tax charges such as taxes and contributions for improvements, fees, surcharges, fines and surcharges, which must be paid no later than July 31 of the current year .