Talent Shortage According to Manpower

Panama is near the top of the list of countries where there is the most acute shortage of skilled labor. Guatemala and Costa Rica are located in the middle of the table.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In the Canal country, 47% of employers said they have difficulties in filling jobs with the right people. In Guatemala this percentage is 36%, and in Costa Rica it is 35%.

The Manpower report identifies the key strategies cited by respondents, to overcome the problem:

Employers were asked what strategies they implemented in order to overcome the difficulty of filling positions. Responses varied widely, from providing additional training to current staff and improving compensation to forming partnerships with educational institutions in order to provide candidates with the essential skills that organizations cannot provide alone. However their answers clearly pointed to a need for solutions to help them close the skills disabling specific efforts to promote their organizations. In addition, the percentage of employers who have adopted three main strategies to overcome the problems of lack of talent, increased from last year and suggests that more companies have not started doing anything, because of the crisis.

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The Eternal Problem of Lack of Qualified Staff

June 2018

35% of companies in Panama reported having difficulties filling job positions, mainly intermediate positions with a high level of training required.

According to the Talent Shortage Survey 2018, prepared by ManpowerGroup, the most difficult positions to cover are technicians, sales representatives, office support staff, accountants and financiers, heavy equipment drivers, computer support, engineers, chemists, customer service, lawyers, project managers, researchers, electricians, mechanics and welders.

The Talent in Demand in Nicaragua's Economy

October 2016

Nicaraguan companies are having difficulty finding employees who are 24 years old or younger with the required socio-emotional and academic skills.

From the executive summary of a document entitled "Skills required by companies in Nicaragua" prepared by Funides:

Dificulties to hire qualified staff increases in Costa Rica

July 2014

There has been a rise in the number of firms reporting difficulties in recruiting qualified staff, especially technicians, engineers and sales managers.

In one year the number of companies who said they found it difficult to fill vacancies grew by 11%, according to figures from a survey carried out by the human resources firm Manpower, which states that "...

The Serious Problems in Education in Panama

February 2013

Companies need to invest time and money in order to cover the serious limitations of graduates from the public school system, which is an obstacle to development.

In Panama the educational problem has already been diagnosed. Martesfinanciero.com reports that the country has at least 14 diagnostic and prognostic documents on education, but "none have managed to be implemented completely to produce students with an optimal or acceptable level of knowledge which allows them to have the skills demanded from the labor market. "