Sustainable Production to Sell More

In a context where consumers demand that products be manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, purpose-built brands will be the most likely to increase sales.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The tendency to consume products that belong to a brand with purpose is becoming increasingly important in markets, as consumers look to companies to manufacture goods in a responsible and sustainable way.

In economies like Costa Rica, there are companies that promote their brands with purpose, such as Metalub, Unilever, Exenos, Florida Ice & Farm (Fifco) and Próxima Comunicación, which assure that they have obtained good results.

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The company Metalub is an example of these new practices. To produce new products, it collects oils used in engines, exports them to the U.S. to be refined and mixed with other additives, and then imports and markets them in the local market.

Francis Vincent, Marketing Director at Metalub, told that "... We saw the opportunity to innovate in a niche market neglected in adaptation and mitigation efforts in the fight against climate change. It also opens new employment opportunities in a new model of circular economy, according to the interests of the country."

Marina Rodríguez, manager of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Unilever, said that "... two-thirds of consumers around the world choose brands because of their position on social or environmental issues. More than 90% of millennials say they would change their brand for one that is a leader of a cause or purpose."
Experts say that when a link is made between the sustainability of production and the brand, consumer loyalty is guaranteed.

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