Support for Mini Hydropower in Guatemala

The government of Guatemala has promised to support power projects promoted by cooperatives in rural areas.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Over 10 projects for small hydroelectric facilities are being encouraged by the Confederation of Guatemalan Cooperatives Federation, with the support of the U.S. Federation of Cooperatives for Electricity Generation.

There are now three such projects which are operating in Huehuetenango.

An article in reports that "According to representatives from cooperatives, the project will allow access for electrical services in several communities that still lack such services."

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El Salvador: 15 MW of Renewable Energy Awarded

February 2014

An estimated $42 million of investment will be made by the 35 companies generating photovoltaic energy using biogas and hydro.

The Superintendency of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET) has awarded 15 MW of renewable energy. About 35 companies will generate photovoltaics based on biogas and hydropower, about $1.2 million will be invested in each project.

Mini Hydropower Station Announced in Guatemala

July 2013

With an investment of $13 million the Municipality of San Pedro Sacatepec, in San Marcos, will build a hydroelectric plant.

According to the local mayor, Carlos Bautista, the feasibility study for the construction of the plant will be presented this week. The project is being funded by the South Korean government.

El Salvador Prefers Mini Hydro Stations

May 2012

The concept is part of the "Master Plan for the development of renewable energies" which sets out a strategy in power generation for the next 15years.

A study by the National Energy Council (CNE) in conjunction with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) outlines a strategy for the next 15 years in the development of technologies using renewable resources.

Potential for 84 MW in Small Hydro Power Plants

September 2009

In El Salvador, a study stated the feasibility of generating 84.8 MW of effective power through 67 small hydroelectric power plants.

The research was conducted by the Executive Commission of the Lempa River (known as Cel) together with local university UCA, and shows the potential for renewable energy generation, specially applicable to rural electrification projects.