Subway Rail: Bids to Carry out a Feasibility Study

EY Law and Logit Engenharia are two of the seven companies that submitted bids in Guatemala to carry out the advanced engineering study for the North-South Axis passenger Interconnection and Urban Rail Transport project in the country's capital.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

On October 1, financial bids were opened in the tender process to award the advanced engineering study for the Metroriel project. The National Agency of Alliances for the Development of Economic Infrastructure (ANADIE) reported that seven companies went through this phase.

According to the documentation of the process, EY Law, Sociedad Anónima, obtained a technical score of 96.99 and its offer reached $1.28 million. Logit Engenharia Consultiva LTDA achieved a rating of 92.42 and its proposal was for $1.18 million.

Sener-Deloitte had a rating of 90.73 and its bid was for $1.10 million, FOA RFGLLT and R reached a score of 89.06 and its bid was for $987 thousand. In the case of Peyco Proyectos, Estudios y Construcciones, S.A., its offer totaled $886,000 and its rating was 88.6.

MCRIT Multicriteri AIE obtained a score of 85.92 and its proposal was for $1.39 million, and Audingmex, S.A. de C.V. its offer was for $1.20 million and its rating was 84.74.

See details of the proposals.

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