Strategic Alliance of Guatemalan Media

The group, Emisoras Unidas, announced the launch of the "Proyecto del Futuro II," a strategic alliance of communications media.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Proyecto del Futuro II" is a strategic Alliance of 44 radio stations, three regional television channels, 800 outdoor ad spaces and seven websites, also includes the Central American representation of the channels MTV, VH1, and Nickelodeon.

Edgar Archila, President of Emisoras Unidas (EU), told “…the trend is 'either you change or end up being changed, either you grow or you get stuck,' highlighting the importance of expansion strategies.”

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How to Reach Centennials?

December 2020

Because more than half of consumers born between 1996 and 2012, known as "Generation Z" or "Centennials", are immune to traditional advertising and television, brands and companies should focus on communicating with this group through digital channels, such as social networks and influencers.

Positioning a brand, product or service is currently a challenge for advertising agencies and companies, as they must overcome the challenge of communicating effectively with younger consumers.

Traditional Advertising on the Wane

May 2011

In 2009 spending on traditional media advertising grew by 18.5%. In 2010 it increased by only 2.1%, confirming that consumers have started to abandon ship.

Only television and radio appear to be safe from the unstoppable advance of digital media on consumer preference. Print media is suffering most from this change in trends.

Cable Onda Seeks Partnerships with Mobile Operators

August 2010

The Panamanian company is negotiating with cellular telephony operators to offer joint 'deals and services'.

Cable Onda's general manager, Nicolás González Revilla, has indicated that the company is currently holding discussions with Digicel, Claro and Telefónica and predict that by the end of the year they will be able to offer joint products.

Understanding Online Advertising

March 2010

A new web site helps understand what is advertising targeted to user interests, and how to protect privacy online.

IAB Spain, a representative of the Internet Advertising Industry, launched a website on Internet privacy, which aims to help the user protect its privacy and inform on how targeted advertising and cookies work.