Stores: Sales Expectations for the New Year

Although in Costa Rica during December 2020 most businesses increased their sales by about 10%, the expectations of the sector's entrepreneurs for the first quarter of 2021 are still uncertain.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The year 2020 was marked by an economic crisis, which was generated by the outbreak of covid-19 at a global level. In this context, the Costa Rican commercial sector managed to oxygenate its finances with the end of the year celebrations.

According to estimates by the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce, during the last weeks of the year, business sales increased on average by 10% or more.

Despite the good numbers reported at the end of 2020, businessmen foresee that the next few months will be complex, since some items that are mass marketed at the beginning of each year, such as school supplies, are not being sold as in previous seasons.

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Arturo Rosabal, vice-president of the union, told that "... businesses try to place school materials, such as books or notebooks, that were not sold last year. This drop in demand makes many merchants predict a conservative environment, especially for the months of January and February."

The article adds that "... Data from the Chamber, from sales registered in December, indicate that the demand for items such as clothing, cosmetics and reading materials remains contracted. Among the most popular items at the end of the year were sporting, domestic and electronic items, as well as toys."

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